These are the hands that build this land
Toil in the fields to give us our meals
Hands that dig ditches where ever they’re planned
Build homes and towers, castles of steel

These are the hands that keep us moving
Cars, trucks, and motorcycles at our command
So many ways to transport for the choosing
These hands work forever to meet the demand

These are the hands that long to caress
When the day’s over and they need a rest
A moment of peace, they ask nothing less
These hands, out of love, give us their best.

© 1/25/1620160124_225130



metals gleaming
open walls
cables hanging
work at a stall

incomplete roof
incomplete rooms
a skeleton frame
makes for rooms with a view

unfinished corridor
what was I thinking
what’s left of my mind
when my thoughts are sinking?

incomplete thoughts
incomplete dreams
just a skeleton frame
my life is not what it seems




Don’t go near the ghost train,
Souls moan, tears fall like rain.
You can hear the clank of chains.
No, don’t go near the ghost train.

Stay away from the old train station,
The wind there whispers her accusation.
There’s a sense of deep privation,
So stay away from the old train station.

Please, don’t cross the rickety tracks
When the thunder booms and lightning cracks
Nor when the sun is high and hay’s in stacks.
Never, never cross the rickety tracks.

There is something dire about the place.
Spanish moss hangs, filling up space.
Through broken windows you see the trace
Of the dark deed that created this place.

© 1/22/16



Some words are simply left unsaid.
Their content would just break a heart,
And tears of sorrow would be shed.
Some words are simply left unsaid.
They come unsewn with broken thread,
Subtle unraveling to start.
Some words are simply left unsaid,
Their content would just break a heart.

© 1/20/16

Within My Mind


Within my mind time marches on,
poets rhyme, there still is song,
and rhythms beat within my chest,
so much strength my heart to test.
I can’t believe the songs are gone.

They have succumbed, it just seems wrong
that now they reside beneath a lawn.
They were, you see, among the best …
… Within my mind.

To me, I say, be not a pawn!
In my heart let not pity spawn!
Let their love still be my guest,
Let their essence simple rest
and flourish in a new day’s dawn …
… Within my mind.

© 1/19/16

. . . TO . . .


Give it to me fast
But make it last
I want it now
I don’t care how
.Not a coward
.Just not brave
.Not a free man
.Just a slave
To what my eyes see
My ears hear
My tongue tastes
My mind fears
.Touch my skin
.Pull me in
.I cannot win
.Let me spin
I try to hold fast
But I am the last
One in this Now
Does not matter how
.Not a free man
.Not brave
.I am a coward
.And a slave
. . . To . . .

© 1/18/16



I have to write a little bit
put down some words, watch them flit
across the page, leave my mind
to wander in another’s heart, to find
a new home, a fresh place to sprout
grow leaves, and blossom, be about
healing, changing, and new life
relaxing, breathing, ending strife.
Yes, time to put a few words down
let them loose to hang around
and grow within another soul
to mend it and to leave it whole.
Just some words to write and share
some words that others’ feelings bear.

© 1/16/16