Spring sends up signals
berries flowers buzzing bees
winter hides … … … surprise!

© 3/16/16


pi day

PI DAY (you all know it is really PEE Day!)
Pi day,
Sky day,
Jump around and
Fly day.
Wind blows,
Touch toes,
Watch the berries as
They grow
now we need no heater … it’s
Pi day,
Waiting day,
Berries will be ripe,
one day!
© 3/14/16


Again and again
I see where I’ve been,
left alone, sad,
refusing to get mad.
Again and again
I try to begin,
change what I can,
make a new plan.
It all fails,
my entrails
are heaving,
heavy breathing,
cannot run,
fear has begun
to set in.
Again and again
I go where I’ve been,
enough I’ll never be,
that I clearly see.
Again and again …
why try to begin
maybe I should attend
to the end.
I have failed.
© 3/13/16

fallen warrior

Fallen warrior
wonders where his strength
has gone,
wonders where the battles are,
wonders when he’ll get back home.
Fallen warrior
brain is full of battles scars,
wings are clipped, eyes are blind,
He cannot remember stars.
Fallen warrior
wounded nearly fatally,
wounded in blood-filled battlefield,
wounded, you are not free.
Fallen warrior …
never home.
© 3/12/162016-03-12 14.09.00.jpg


2016-03-22 16.35.16


This is Lady, after she took her last breath.  She suddenly got sick over the weekend.  She stopped eating, and only drank water, which she could not keep down.  I took her into the vet in the morning, and she rapidly deteriorated.  I was able to get back to the vet just before she died.  We are all so sad.  It was so sudden.  We were not ready.

Rest In Peace, sweet Lady.  You were and still are, so very loved.


If I break when you break
and crash when you crash,
what will be left
when you burn, become ash?
Your heart in my chest,
my heart in your hands,
where will I be
when you roam other lands?
If it is time
for us to part,
how will I climb,
get a new start?
If all is broken
and cannot be mended,
what’s left unspoken
need not be tended.
If your life’s been my life,
if your dream’s been my dream
when you turn a deaf ear
(to me)
who’ll hear me scream?
© 3/9/16

to know

I want to know
that I am special
I want to feel
your soft kiss
on my cheek.
I want to know
I am your
one and only.
I want to feel
I am all
you need.
But all that I know
is that your other
hang about you
make a line without
And all that I feel
is I am not
the one,
to the side will you
toss me
when you are
© 3/8/16