tribute to our LADY


Lady, sweet Lady!
Has it only been
a few days
since you barked
and ran
and begged for food,
since out doors you played?

Lady, Pinchowa!
It has only been
a few years
since you were
with a new name
and with us played
new games.

Lady, sweet Lady!
How you would bark
when we met
stand your ground
nearly growl
until petting you
made you forget
to be sassy and mean …
Oh look!
You were Queen!

Lady, Oh Lady!
Has it just been
a few hours
since we looked
in each others’ eyes
sin we heard
each others’ deep sighs?

Lady, sweet Lady!
Now you are gone.
Play free of pain now,
You are where you belong.


RIP, sweet, Puppy, you were so very loved,
you are still, so very missed.

© 4/22/16



2016-03-22 16.35.16


This is Lady, after she took her last breath.  She suddenly got sick over the weekend.  She stopped eating, and only drank water, which she could not keep down.  I took her into the vet in the morning, and she rapidly deteriorated.  I was able to get back to the vet just before she died.  We are all so sad.  It was so sudden.  We were not ready.

Rest In Peace, sweet Lady.  You were and still are, so very loved.


IN MEMORIAM .. Mike Brock, 1-11-16, RIP
There is a circle
a brotherhood
of rhythm
of energy
of Power
and of Song.
At the center,
the heart,
of the Mother
and her Soul
Her Spirit
become Song.
Drum Circle
calls the best
to feel the Heart
to chant the Soul
to send ripples
of Love
and Honor.
Drum Circle
invites us all
to walk with Spirit
in our Heart.
There is a Circle
a place of Holy Prayer
of Vision
of Dream
of Presence
and of Love.
We will all
one day
meet again,
at the Circle.