all I can do


All I can do
is love.
When times get stormy,
and life gets rocky,
and confusion reigns,
it is Love
that saves me.

When I feel lost
like my compass is broken,
like my rudder is missing,
like my sails have been ripped,
it is Love
that guides me home.

And in the end
when I am alone,
and my thoughts whirl,
and my memories create themselves,
it will be Love
that heals
my soul.

© 4/11/16



What is it we share
in our complicated world …
Two lives twisted,
entwined, and curled?
What is it we do
with each other’s scarred hearts …
Two lives embattled,
defeated, — restart?
If we were to choose
more wisely this time ..
two lives made new
through an uphill climb ….
Would we make it through
rough stormy weather?
We will never know
til we battle … together.
© 2/14/16


I close my eyes
and touch my heart.
Breathe, and release,
and know you are here.
I look to the skies.
Yes, that’s where I’ll start.
Breathe into peace,
and feel you are here.
I´ll save my good-byes,
I cannot fall apart.
Breathe, and not cease,
and hear you, right here.
Again, close my eyes,
hand on my heart.
Breathe, and release …
My Love, you are here.
© 2/2/16



What is the price of Peace?
Does one sell one’s soul
to find gentle release?
Does one dig a whole,
see the violence increase?
What is the price of peace?

What does approval cost?
Will pride be needed,
so it can be tossed?
Will pain be seeded
and then never be lost?
What does approval cost?

Can Love ever be found?
I’ve heard rumors, true,
from those whose mind is sound.
But there are those who
say it’s never around.
Can Love ever be found?

What’s the value of Life?
If peace has a price
in the middle of strife,
And Love is a vice
to approve after life,
what is the value of Life?

© 1/28/16



These are the hands that build this land
Toil in the fields to give us our meals
Hands that dig ditches where ever they’re planned
Build homes and towers, castles of steel

These are the hands that keep us moving
Cars, trucks, and motorcycles at our command
So many ways to transport for the choosing
These hands work forever to meet the demand

These are the hands that long to caress
When the day’s over and they need a rest
A moment of peace, they ask nothing less
These hands, out of love, give us their best.

© 1/25/1620160124_225130

February 28, 2015


Love is patient
Love is kind
Eyes wide open
Never blind

Fills the heart
Fills the soul
When you’re aching
Fills the hole

Knows no boundaries
Knows no fear
Comes wide open
Dries the tear

There are no games
There is no end
There’s only love
All hearts to mend

Michelle Balletto-Wooten
© 2/28/15